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2016 Grant Projects


Global Interfaith Partnership (Kenya)

GLOBAL INTERFAITH PARTNERSHIP (GIP) is a multi-faith coalition of Indianapolis congregations committed to meeting the immediate and long-term needs of vulnerable children in western Kenya.  GIP supports the Umoja Project in Chlaimbo, Kenya through child education and school feeding programs.  GIP was granted $5,000 to support the Umoja Project's school feeding program that feeds over 3,200 children in 10 primary schools.

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Barn Raisers (Haiti) 

BARN RAISERS OF INDIANA seeks to address children’s issues locally and abroad with a primary focus on raising and distributing funds for sustainable projects that can improve the health and quality of orphaned and/or under-privileged children and youth.  Barn Raisers was granted $5,000 to build a prototype "orphan cottage" at the  Fatima Orphanage in Fondwa, Haiti.  This will be the first of 5 orphan cottages that house 8 kids and a caretaker each.

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