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2014 Grant Projects


Giving Back to Africa 

GIVING BACK TO AFRICA (GBA) envisions young people as catalysts for positive social change and fosters education and community service in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  GBA was granted $3,500 toward implementation of the nutrition module in GBA’s Youth Leadership Curriculum.  The grant also supported the student-designed “fete de presentation” (science fair) and community service projects.  During the community serivce projects, students visited 91 households assessing levels of malnutrition, giving presentations about nutrition, and sharing infoirmation abiout local health clinics to families with at-risk children.  Visit Giving Back to Africa


Obat Helpers 

OBAT HELPERS, INC. (OBAT) provides aid, support, education and economic empowerment to the displaced, unfortunate and forgotten population residing in camps in Bangladesh.  OBAT was granted $2,000 to cover partial expenses of repairing bathrooms in Geneva Camp, the largest camp in Bangladesh with 8,000 families living within its boundaries.  68% of the 273 bathrooms were out-of-order.  Visit OBAT Helpers


Jubilee Village Project

Jubilee Village Project (JVP) is a Christ-centered, grass roots movement committed to serving the poor and ending world poverty through sustainable community transformation. JVP was granted $3,500 to construct a science laboratory at God Kado Mixed Secondary School in the village of Kager, Kenya.  In collaboration with the villagers, JVP started this secondary school in 2010 and now has over 200 youth attending Forms 1 to 4 (grades 9 to 12).  Visit Jubilee Village Project


Bridge To Africa

Bridge to Africa (BTA) provides support and education to impoverished children of Kenya.  BTA was granted $5,000 for the partical funding of Children's Library in Kibera, which is now housed in a deteriorating bulding made of mud and bricks.  The grant will provide for building materials including masonry blocks, rafters and cement flooring.  Visit Bridge to Africa

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