All grant applications to Power of One must come at the recommendation of a member of the Power of One Board of Directors. 

  • Request for funding may not exceed $5,000. 

  • Applicants may request funding for the same project in a subsequent year (restricted to two grants for a not-for-profit).

  • Power of One will accept grant applications twice a year.

  • Grant application deadlines are May 1 and November 1 (or as announced).

  • Grant awards will be made in June and December based on the funds available for funding cycle.

For Application Forms, Click and Open below:


All applications must provide verifiable documentation of the following criteria:

For the Central Indiana-based organization:

  • 501-c(3) tax-exempt status.

  • Having been in operation for at least one year.

  • Financial reports for the previous two years of operation.

  • Having strong Central Indiana-based leadership.

  • Having a Cental Indiana-based representative who travels to and provides status reports on the project at least once each year of the project’s operation

  • A listing of staff and volunteers in the organization and the proportion of time which is currently and/or will be devoted to the implementation of the project to be funded by this application.

  • A listing of all other projects for which the organization is currently responsible.

  • List of organization’s financial resources which are and/or will be devoted to the proposed project..

  • List of current funding sources of organization.

  • A concrete plan for leadership and funding sustainability.

  • Budget and timeline for project.

For the indigenous community to be funded:

  • Having a strong accountable indigenous leadership and point person.

  • A history of connection with the community to be funded.

  • A concrete plan for leadership sustainability.


To be considered for funding, the application must be complete before submission.  Power of One  considers  this information important in the pre-planning and ultimate, long-term success of each project.  Additional information which applicant considers germane and edifying is welcome.


Obligations from all grant recipients of Power of One:

  • Brief bi-monthly progress reports provided by indigenous  leadership.

  • Complete reports from Central Indiana-based leadership upon return from project assessment visits.

  • Updates on changes made in project proposal during implementation of project plan.

  • Yearly reports on project.

  • Support efforts of Power of One to share mentoring, best practice models, and networking opportunities with other not-for-profts to encourage international partnerships.